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Nadia: Follow Your Heart in Amsterdam

In our InterNations Recommended Blog section we let you take the spotlight! Expat life in general is, of course, a perfect breeding ground for great, user-generated reads, and life in Amsterdam makes no exception. Take your time and browse the great blogs showcased in this article!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Who you are, where you come from, when you moved to Amsterdam, etc.

My name is Nadia Gyr, born in the USA, raised in Zurich, the Swiss and now I live for 11 years in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

When and why did you decide to start blogging about your experiences?

I love the city of Amsterdam and I discovered a lack in useful information for other expats who live in Amsterdam; the usual information about Amsterdam is tourist related. I like to share the discoveries that I do in my daily life in this wonderful city 

Do you have any favorite blog entries of yours?


Tell us about the ways your new life in Amsterdam differs from that back home. Did you have trouble getting used to the new circumstances? Did you experience culture shock?

Culture shock is a too big word. Here in Amsterdam life is pretty much the same as in Zürich but everything is just a little different.  The first step to getting used to new circumstances abroad is learning speak and write the language. Since I am German speaking for me it was not such a big deal but I am sure that this is very important.

Do you think you were fully prepared for what awaited you in Amsterdam? If you could, would you change some decisions/preparations you made?

I was not fully prepared but that's obvious: I am from a foreign country raised with different food, culture, climate, mentality and so on.  

Which three tips would you like to give future expats before they embark on their new life in Amsterdam?

  • Take language lessons
  • Go to movies produced in The Netherlands 
  • Read our blog 

How is the expat community in Amsterdam? Did you have a hard time finding like-minded people or fellow expats?

There are many expats over here and they are well organized. But I live together with my Dutch partner for 10 years so I am actually more Dutch rather than expat.....

How would you summarize your expat life in Amsterdam in a single, catchy sentence?

Life in Amsterdam can be one big positive experience if you know how to enjoy the little daily surprises.

Salil Padmanabh

"At the InterNations events here in Amsterdam, I've come to know so many friendly expats. Both Indians and expatriates from other countries. "

Isabella Martinez

"For my little daughter I've been looking for a good language teacher who also speaks Spanish. I've finally found him on InterNations."

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