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  • Peter B. Krehmer

    I was amazed how many like-minded expats there are in La Paz; it was great to get in touch with such a friendly group of people.

Welcome to the InterNations Community of Expats in Bolivia!

¡Hola! And a warm welcome to InterNations' expat community in Bolivia! As a platform that welcomes expatriates from Bolivia and around the world, InterNations is here to help make your cultural transition easier. Whether you're about to head to Santa Cruz, La Paz, or elsewhere, our members will answer some of the questions you're dying to ask before making the plunge. In our forums, you can ask our members about the cost of living, the best places to live, whether you'll have access to good medical facilities, what the local school system is like, and more. Bolivia is a laid-back country with a slow pace of life, and our InterNations members are here to help you settle in.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you are moving to another country or going on a business trip somewhere — our communities around the world are there to make you feel at home wherever you are. Feel free to check out our vibrant InterNations Communities in countries like Bahrain or Thailand.

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    From Germany, living in La Paz
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    From Australia, living in La Paz
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    From Benin, living in La Paz
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    From Ukraine, living in La Paz
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    From Peru, living in La Paz
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    From Argentina, living in Santa Cruz
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    From Brazil, living in Santa Cruz
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    From Colombia, living in Santa Cruz
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    From Bolivia, living in Santa Cruz
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    From Peru, living in Santa Cruz

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  • Cochabamba connections?
    2 replies
    Feb 2, 4:54 PM

    Great..!! I'm also looking for some Internations friends in Cbba. someone to talk to... I'll be glad to meet you here. let me know your available meeting schedule, by the way I'm Bolivian.

  • Recommendation on English program for adults?
    4 replies
    Jul 19, 9:22 PM

    Hi, I have a friend who is an English teacher at an international school here. him and some other folks there take private students... would be glad to put you in touch.

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Begin Your New Life as an Expat in Bolivia

The pace of life is slow, the landscape is stunning, and the opportunities to make your money go further seem almost limitless. Bolivia expats lead a comfortable lifestyle, which makes the country an ideal place for those looking to retire. However, if you're not quite close to retirement yet, then you may want to consider life in or around Santa Cruz, where 40% of foreign investments in the country are made. Santa Cruz and El Alto are also ideal for families, as there are international schools offering English-speaking education. While work isn't always abundant throughout Bolivia, it is a fantastic country for property investments, farming, and even wine making. Living a luxury lifestyle on a low budget is entirely possible, especially with restaurants like Casa Criolla in El Alto offering sumptuous dishes at low prices.

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Your Social Network for Expatriates in Bolivia

If you're yet to arrive in this stunning country, venture into InterNations' monitored forums to explore the information offered by other Bolivia expatriates. As individuals who have experienced adjusting to life in the country themselves, they can offer information on finding a decent doctor, navigating Bolivian property laws, and settling into life with your family. The Bolivia expatriates on InterNations also meet regularly for InterNations Official Events, as well as smaller interest-based InterNations Groups. Whether it's evenings out exploring local cuisine or looking for someone to go hiking with, InterNations' communities in Bolivia feature a host of events that'll allow you to meet your fellow expatriates.

  • Peter B. Krehmer

    I was amazed how many like-minded expats there are in La Paz; it was great to get in touch with such a friendly group of people.

  • Heather Albrey

    Expat living in Bolivia can be difficult at times. The InterNations community made it a lot easier for us.

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