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The InterNations Expat Guide for working and living in Germany

Are you an expat working and living in Germany? Or are you preparing to move soon to Berlin, Munich or any other of the German international hotspots?

Expat life in Germany has much to offer and provides a great intercultural experience – from discovering the countryside like the picturesque islands off the Frisian coast, learning how German people celebrate Tag der deutschen Einheit, up to tasting Germany’s favorite dishes such as roast pork with Knödel.

However, InterNations does not only address expats in Germany. We have brief overview guides for various locations around the world – from living in Cyprus to living in Oman.

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Top Articles in the Germany Expat Guide

  • Moving to Germany

    A move to Germany is your chance for expat life in a well-organized, modern country with a rich historical heritage and great regional diversity. Our InterNations Expat Guide on Germany provides you with all you need to know about favorite expat destinations, visa types, and transportation.
  • Living in Germany

    Life in Germany can offer expatriates many advantages. Not only can you expect things to be clean and well-ordered, there is also an abundance of cultural and leisure activities throughout the year. In this guide, InterNations introduces you to expat life in Germany.
  • Working in Germany

    Germany is a great choice for expats looking for a career boost! Not only is the country one of the main players in the EU, but also one of the strongest economies worldwide. The InterNations Guide prepares you for your expat life “made in Germany”, with info on permits, insurance, and more!
  • How to Move within Germany

    After living in Germany for a while, some expats may face their first move within the country. While logistics are not that important in this case, there are some formalities you will need to take care of. In this article, we provide you with an informal to-do list for your move within Germany.
  • Sexism, Xenophobia & Racism in Germany

    While we have treated general safety and crime in Germany in a separate article, here we are aiming to give an overview of discrimination in the form of sexism and racism in Germany and how it affects the daily lives and wellbeing of the various social groups which are discriminated against.
  • German Newspapers and Print Media

    Although German newspapers come in an extraordinarily large and diverse number of titles, they are currently going through hard times. Owing to strong competition from TV and online media, German newspapers have been pressing and selling lower and lower numbers for the past couple of decades.
  • Looking for Jobs in Germany

    Jobs in Germany, particularly for citizens of a non-EU member state, can be rather difficult to find. Focus your job search on the service sector, where about 75% of Germany’s working population is employed: Expat jobs in manufacturing are rare, unless you are a qualified engineer.
  • Cost of Living in Germany

    Good news for expats: For the typical foreign assignee, the cost of living in Germany’s major cities is lower than in many other European metropolises. Our guide explains regional and income differences as well as common expenses in everyone’s budget.
  • Insurance in Germany

    Better safe than sorry: many German people seem to be fond of this old saying. Insurance in Germany is a lucrative and competitive market. For expats, it can be confusing to get an insight into this key topic. Our guide provides an introduction to risk awareness, essential plans, and common policies.
  • Domestic Tourism in Germany

    If you are an expatriate in dire need of some rest and recreation, Germany provides plenty of opportunities. Our guide introduces popular destinations for domestic tourism, from the best cities to visit over the seacoast to activities like hiking and cycling in Germany. Enjoy your break!
  • Taxes in Germany

    German taxation is often regarded as confusing and obscure. Indeed, the complex system of direct and indirect taxes in Germany, from inheritance tax and dog tax to excise duties and VAT, seems rather complicated to Germans and expats alike. Our InterNations guide is here to help!
  • Marriage in Germany

    When romance meets reality: Organizing their wedding in Germany can cost foreign residents some time and effort, especially for the required paperwork. Our expat guide introduces the legal framework for marriage in Germany. We provide administrative advice – and it’s your job to add the romance.
  • How to Get a German Visa

    While Germany doesn’t offer popular migrant visa programs, like Australia or the US, there are some kinds of visas expats may be interested in. Applications mostly depend on two factors: nationality and reason for moving. Our guide features a handy overview of German visa requirements.
  • Driving in Germany

    Driving in Germany gives you the possibility to explore the country via the third largest expressway system in the world. Maybe you will even want to purchase a vehicle made by one of the many world famous German car manufacturers. Our guide briefs you on what to expect of Germany’s traffic.

Working and living in Germany – Valuable Information from A to Z

Moving to and living in Germany requires a wealth of up-to-date, trustworthy information on various aspects of German expat life. Living abroad in Germany raises a lot of questions such as: ʺHow do I find the best relocation services for moving to Germany?ʺ, ʺIs an international driver's licence valid in Germany?ʺ, ʺWhich international school in Berlin should our kids attend?ʺ or, ʺHow do I obtain a work permit for my spouse at the German municipality in Hamburg?ʺ

Collecting all that information on working and living in Germany is quite laborious and time-consuming. Our InterNations Expat Guide for Germany aims to help you and provides you with reliable info on those topics that matter to expats living in Germany. The Guide includes information on many different areas ranging from sports and leisure, to local infrastructure or restaurants and nightlife, up to food & shopping. Typical questions related to expat life abroad, such as ʺAre inland flights or national trains the cheaper option to travel from Munich to Berlin?ʺ, will no longer remain unanswered.

Are you curious about expatriate living outside Germany? Then read more about our various expat guides, such as living in Australia or living in Sweden!

Tips on living and working in Germany – From telecommunication providers to tax consultants

Moreover, our expat directory for Germany includes recommended listings of expat institutions and relocation services, e.g. telecommunication providers or tax consultants. As a member, you’ll also be able to share your experiences of living abroad in Germany with your fellow expats on the InterNations Forum. We are looking forward to welcoming you with a heart-felt Grüß Gott from our expats living and working in Germany.