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Thomas Crawford
"The InterNations expat circle in Guatemala City is such a diversified, multi-national crowd! "
Therese Waldorf
"Moving to such a vast and lively city abroad scared me a little, but this site helped my acclimatisation as an expat in "Guate" a lot. "

Welcome to the InterNations Community of Expats in Guatemala!

Ütz apetenik, saqarik, bienvenido, and welcome to our expat community in Guatemala! We at InterNations are here to help you through the process of moving to a new country. Many expats in Guatemala have found our resources really useful when making the jump from one country and culture to another, helping them adapt to the huge and exciting changes they’ve made. This is a community, so feel free to jump in and share your ideas and experiences too. Once you've become a member of InterNations, you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for in regards to moving abroad, such as, “how do I access healthcare in Guatemala?”, “what kind of lifestyle can I expect living in different regions of Guatemala?”, and “what can I do to stay safe and secure in Guatemala City?”. Our experienced members are always happy to help answer those questions and more. Guatemala is a diverse country, full of ancient history and culture alongside modern developments, offering the adventurous expat an unforgettable experience. InterNations is here to guide you as you explore your new home.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you are moving to another country or going on a business trip somewhere — our communities around the world are there to make you feel at home wherever you are. Feel free to check out our vibrant InterNations Communities in countries like Bahrain or China.

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The breathtaking tropical landscape of Guatemala never ceases to impress. From the vast, shimmering waters of Lake Atitlan and the white sandy beaches of Livingston, to the mighty active volcanoes surrounding the colonial city of Antigua, the diversity of Guatemala’s scenery is a feast for all expat eyes. But while dotted with ancient Mayan ruins and steeped in Mayan culture, it is also a country looking to the future. Guatemala has recently become the center of a Central American technology boom, with multinational corporations such as Google setting up operations in the capital. Many expats head to cities and towns such as Xela and Antigua to work as teachers, facilitating the growing interest among Guatemaltecos for English language learning as they look to compete in the global economy.

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Our InterNations community is made up of approved members who can be trusted to provide honest, respectful responses within a safe and secure environment. Feel free to ask absolutely any question related to expat living and working in Guatemala, whether you’re looking for an answer to some everyday triviality, or need some good advice on tricky paperwork issues. You can also connect with others in your new country who share the same passions with you, by joining in with some real-life events in your new community. Whether you enjoy rock climbing, yoga or learning Spanish, you will find a group of new friends to do your favorite activities with, helping you make a smooth transition into your new life. Lastly, attend some of the bigger community-wide social events that InterNations offers, and you’ll be sure to meet some very interesting and experienced international people from around the world!

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Thomas Crawford
"The InterNations expat circle in Guatemala City is such a diversified, multi-national crowd! "
Therese Waldorf
"Moving to such a vast and lively city abroad scared me a little, but this site helped my acclimatisation as an expat in "Guate" a lot. "

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