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Forum Guidelines

InterNations is a community of trust, dedicated to current, former and future expats worldwide.
Our Guidelines ensure a respectful conduct in our community and the high quality of information provided. This way InterNations remains the special place it is.
InterNations is a community of trust. The forum is a place where members can exchange reliable and trust-based information.

In order to ensure the quality of the information and of our community, please be aware of the following guidelines:

Written Form of Threads and Comments

  • Ensure you post your thread in the right category.
  • InterNations' communication language is exclusively English. All posts must be in English or provide a sufficient and detailed English translation.
  • Thread subjects must be clear and concise.
  • The typography of thread subjects and comments must stay moderate with no use of excessive punctuation, capital letters or inappropriate language.

Content of Threads

  • Hate speech, racist remarks, intolerant utterances, and vulgarity will not be tolerated.
  • Pornographic and sexual comments will not be tolerated.
  • Information from third party sources is not acceptable unless members posting it hold the copyright. A link to the original source of the information should be indicated with an additional personal comment.
  • The posting of information promoting other social networks is not permitted.
  • Ambiguous job postings are not permitted
  • Commercial posts and advertisements are not permitted.
  • Duplicate posts are not permitted.

Respectful Conduct towards Other Members

  • All members are entitled to express their own opinions and will not be restrained by other members.
  • Threads attacking or mocking other members, their comments, profile, threads or experiences are not acceptable.
  • Threads or posts concerning specific members are not permitted.

Administration of the Forum

  • InterNations reserves the right to delete threads or posts if they are considered inappropriate or unsuitable for our forums or violate any of the aforementioned guidelines.
  • InterNations reserves the right to take any action necessary to maintain the quality of our platform or against any member not following the guidelines mentioned above.

InterNations is a private network that provides its members with a platform to interact with each other. Everyone is free to join InterNations and free to choose his or her level of membership. Members of InterNations have agreed to adhere to our General Terms and Conditions and to respect our standards of conduct.

Please behave in a respectful manner towards other InterNations members, the platform of and the InterNations staff.