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Health & Insurance in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only a forerunner in terms of its economy or education, but it also has a fantastic healthcare system. Often modern and traditional Chinese healthcare is practiced side by side. With us you’ll learn about doctors, hospitals, and more.

Quality healthcare in Hong Kong is widely available, both to local people and to expats. It should not come as a surprise that private healthcare offers all kinds of luxuries, amenities, and preferential treatment. However, public hospitals and doctors provide high quality services as well. At the end of the day, both public and private practitioners and hospitals abide by the same medical standards and the same technical equipment. The only difference is the service which, of course, is a lot better with private healthcare in Hong Kong

Healthcare in Hong Kong: Dentists, Diseases and Health Insurance

Quality healthcare in Hong Kong is available to everyone, citizen or not. In fact, the government provides every resident with public health insurance as long as they have a valid Hong Kong ID card. Thus, no further contributions are needed in order to visit a public doctor or hospitals and receive treatment. However, many expats opt for private healthcare in Hong Kong, in order to receive a better service. If this is your choice as well, you should get a private health insurance to cover the high costs. Dentists are the only exception. Finding a dentist at a public clinic in Hong Kong is a little bit like finding a needle in a haystack. As the government does not cover the costs for dental care, you should make sure that your health insurance does. Hong Kong is a rather safe city and there are only few diseases you have to worry about. The biggest threat to your health, however, is catching the flu in Hong Kong. Because the city is so crowded, infections are an imminent threat. Fortunately, the government is well-prepared for any sudden outbreak. Aside from the seasonal flu, which is rather harmless, the avian flu and the swine flu have had serious impacts on Hong Kong in the past.

Healthcare in Hong Kong: Women’s Health

Female expats and trailing wives are not left behind when it comes to healthcare in Hong Kong: Gynecologists abide by the same health standards as general practitioners. Both the public and the private health sector offer regular check-ups and cancer screenings and some contraceptives are even available over the counter. If you are having a baby in Hong Kong, the most important question is really whether you will opt for public or private natal care. Some expat parents-to-be choose a public obstetrician but decide to give birth at a private hospital and enjoy the superior service.

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