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Culture, Shopping, and Recreation in Hong Kong

We are sure that most expats would agree that one of the most interesting aspects of expatriate life is absorbing the culture of your new temporary home. Luckily for open-minded expats in Hong Kong, there is so much to see, experience, and taste in the city that there hardly will be a dull moment.

Hong Kong is sure to offer something worthwhile for every taste. Being a modern metropolis, Hong Kong boasts every kind of entertainment imaginable. With a wealth of museums and theaters (both traditional Chinese and Western), lively and active music and art scenes, and a film industry which has produced countless classics, Hong Kong has earned its reputation as a cultural hotspot. If you are a sportive person you will enjoy the fact that sports of all kinds – be they martial arts, team sports, boat racing, or gym workouts - are hugely popular in Hong Kong. You can find associations for any kind of sport here; a great way for expats to connect to like-minded locals. If to you being outdoors mainly means shopping on the weekends, you might still want to take your time and enjoy the many architectural marvels of the city. Seeing how the gigantic size of the city makes an all-encompassing guided tour somewhat unfeasible, this is a great way of exploring the city and its famous sights.


As language is one of the cornerstones of any culture, learning a few basic phrases in Cantonese is highly recommended to any future expat in Hong Kong before they actually relocate. If there is no time for that, no worries – Hong Kong has a multitude of excellent language schools. While it is true that you will probably be able to lead an enjoyable life here only using English, both given Hong Kong’s past and its current status as a global city, there will be a huge part of life in Hong Kong you will only be able to fully access when you have an understanding for the language. Don’t miss out!

Cuisine and Dining

Many of the traditional dishes found anywhere in Hong Kong have made a name for themselves all over the world – just think Dim Sum, to name one example. But with several thousands of restaurants and an innumerable amount of street vendors offering snacks, the abovementioned dish is of course just a tiny fragment of the giant menu available to you. Needless to say that, apart from local cuisine, dishes from virtually any place on earth can be found in Hong Kong. One thing to make sure when entering a culture you are unfamiliar with is to adhere to its dining etiquette. Get acquainted with the usual and acceptable table manners in Hong Kong before you go eat out – social fauxpas is embarrassing anywhere in the world!

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