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Education and Schools in Kuwait

Are you considering living in Kuwait? You are about to make a great decision! Thousands of expats currently profiting from the country’s business opportunities are the living proof. We’ve got all the info on expat life in Kuwait, from healthcare to international schools for your kids.
In recent years, Kuwait has developed a competitive education system.

A Sound Investment in Education

Kuwait has invested considerable amounts of its oil wealth into developing a comprehensive and competitive public education system. It ranges from preschool starting at the age of four to primary, intermediate, and secondary schooling as well as tertiary education.

All levels of education, including the tertiary level, are fully financed by the state and free for all citizens, though not for expatriates. Even the many private institutions in Kuwait are often heavily subsidized by the government.

Starting at primary level, single-gender education is the norm at public schools. Education at all public institutions is conducted in Arabic. Therefore, expats usually opt to send their kids to one of the private international schools, which offer education in other languages.

Back to School — International Schools Aplenty

There are quite a number of international schools catering to the international community in Kuwait. Expat parents can choose from various American, British, and Indian schools offering the respective national curricula, as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Kuwait also has a number of Pakistani schools, a French school, as well as various bilingual schools offering education in both Arabic and English.

All students in international schools are required to study Arabic. Most schools offer various classes for both native speakers and those to whom Arabic is a foreign language. The majority of international schools have an excellent selection of extra-curricular activities.

As in most expat destinations, school fees make up a considerable amount of the annual budget. Tuition may vary considerably, however, even between the international schools. For the school year 2015/16, annual fees range from 350 Kuwaiti dinar (around 1,160 USD) to as much as 4,900 KWD (approximately 16,250 USD), depending on the school and the grade.

Selected International Schools

Ample Childcare Options

Childcare opportunities for expats with younger children living in Kuwait are plentiful. Kuwait’s expat infrastructure includes a variety of international kindergartens and nursery schools. Parents can choose between different national curricula and educational philosophies. Many of the international schools also accept children at the kindergarten level.

Tuition fees for private nursery schools and kindergartens almost rival those of the international schools. A place at a reputable international nursery school can cost you around 300 KWD to 2,500 KWD per year. Cascade British Nursery and Learning Steps Montessori Nursery, to name just a couple, are international nurseries to consider for your children. To find the right place for your child, it is best to ask other expat parents for advice.

Alternatively, a lot of expats currently living in Kuwait hire nannies to take care of their kids at home. These are most easily found by word-of-mouth recommendations from other expatriate families. For a live-in nanny, expect to pay around 100 to 200 KWD per month, not including healthcare, meals, and other expenses.


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