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Jun: 100 Anecdotes

In our InterNations Recommended Blog section we let you take the spotlight! Expat life in general is, of course, a perfect breeding ground for great, user-generated reads, and life in Los Angeles makes no exception. Take your time and browse the great blogs showcased in this article!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Who you are, where you come from, when you moved to Los Angeles, etc.

I am a regular guy who likes sports, outdoors and traveling. I originally come from the Philippines and moved to Los Angeles in February 2012.

When and why did you decide to start blogging about your experiences?

Blogging is new to me although I have been writing about my experiences for quite some time. I started 100 Anecdotes in March 2012 mainly to fill in gaps of inactivity.

Do you have any favorite blog entries of yours?

Most, if not all entries are personal favorites. I spend time polishing every post to make each one stand out. Top 3 favorites are below:

Tell us about the ways your new life in Los Angeles differs from that back home. Did you have trouble getting used to the new circumstances? Did you experience culture shock?

I come from a society where friends and neighbors are part of your extended family, so I am used to be surrounded by people (who care in one way or another) all the time. But Los Angeles is a very individualistic society, having a to-each-his-own mentality so it’s a bit strange at first. But I have adjusted. It’s just a matter of getting used to, I think. And there was no culture shock for me because I came prepared, I have traveled, and spent time with different people and cultures.

Do you think you were fully prepared for what awaited you in Los Angeles? If you could, would you change some decisions/preparations you made?

I was fully prepared, yes. I guess, in anything, preparation is key to success. With internet and state of the art technology, information is literally at your fingertips. I have done my research and did psychological preparations before coming. I wouldn’t change anything.

Every expat knows that expat life comes with some hilarious anecdotes and funny experiences. Care to share one with us?

Yes absolutely! All entries in 100 Anecdotes are from my personal experiences, which are often informative but sometimes hilarious. Sharing them is like relieving those moments. Here’s a sample: The Slap.

Which three tips would you like to give future expats before they embark on their new life in Los Angeles?

  • Prepare for what’s to come by reading and researching about the place and people.
  • Be excited to experience new things in a new environment.
  • Most of all, be yourself and be proud of who you are.

How is the expat community in Los Angeles? Did you have a hard time finding like-minded people or fellow expats?

It’s not hard to find like-minded people, fellow expats or fellow countryman if you know where to look. Oftentimes, we congregate in clusters in a particular place. For example, you will find a Chinatown, and a Koreatown in downtown Los Angeles. And in a mostly white (70%) La Crescenta area where I live, there are only 5 noticeably distinct expat communities: Persians, Armenians, Koreans, Mexicans and Filipinos.

Embrace everything there is, locals or fellow expats alike. New cuisine or food you are used to back home. From my experience, people warm up to you easily if you try their food. Be confident and bring good cheer. Humor, like kindness or generosity is universally desirable especially when it’s spontaneous and unexpected. We had a good laugh at this: The Spy.

How would you summarize your expat life in Los Angeles in a single, catchy sentence?

Los Angeles is priceless so come and have some fun!

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