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Singapore: Health and Insurance

1.83 doctors per 1,000 residents, 1,400 registered dentists, and nearly 30 hospitals: medical care in Singapore provides all necessary services. Our guide gives an in-depth intro to all related topics, from the healthcare system to choosing an ob/gyn for welcoming the newest member of your expat family.

Naturally, all expats would like to enjoy their time in Singapore and stay in good health throughout their assignment. But just in case that you should fall ill or suffer an accident after all, it is best to come prepared. First of all, prevention is always better than a cure, so you should make sure to get informed about travel health in Singapore before you leave. Though the Southeast Asian state is definitely a low-risk destinations, it helps to read up on recommended immunizations, medication to bring along, and common health risks. Fortunately, Singapore has really high quality standards for medical care, and the small state also features a well-organized health insurance system. We’ll explain to you how public healthcare in Singapore works, and which private alternatives offer expat health insurance for Singapore. Some kinds of work and residence permits even carry specific insurance requirements for foreign residents, but all expatriates should not forget to take out proper medical coverage.

Doctors and Dentists, Hospitals and Pharmacies

As far as medical services are concerned, expats living in Singapore have no reason whatsoever to be worried. Hospitals, doctors, and dentists in Singapore all have a very good reputation that attracts lots of medical travelers and tourists from other Asian countries. There are also more than enough medical facilities, so it may not be that easy to find the doctor of your choice at first. However, the InterNations guide to Singapore also helps you in this regard. We give you useful advice on searching for family physicians, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, specialist treatment, as well as dental clinics. We’ll tell you how a doctor’s appointment in Singapore works, whom to call in an emergency situation, or where you can find one of the numerous pharmacies in Singapore!

Women’s Health, Pregnancy, and Childbirth

Expatriate women relocating to Singapore may want to look into medical care for female health issues in the city-state. Again, there are plenty of highly qualified doctors specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. They provide local and foreign women alike with so-called “maternity packages” in the event of a pregnancy and with ante-natal classes preparing the expecting mothers for having a baby in Singapore. Obviously, though, the topic of women’s health in Singapore includes more than pre-natal care for pregnant patients. You might also want to know where to go for your regular ob/gyn check-up and cancer screenings, how to get contraception, what to do in case of an unwanted pregnancy, or whom to talk to in a domestic crisis situation. Our expat guide to Singapore provides an overview of all such medical and psychological issues that could be of interest to expat women.

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