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Jobs and Business in Singapore

Singapore’s business world can be quite competitive and comes with a lot of pitfalls. From the job search, to the right way of interacting with your business partners and securing a work permit, there’s a lot expats should keep in mind. Find your place in Singapore’s business world with our help.

Expats who have not considered Singapore as their new home yet should think twice. The tiny country has a lot to offer to job-seekers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. So-called self-made expats should check the skills-in-demand list published by the Ministry of Manpower to find out which sectors are currently hiring. Generally speaking, however, tourism, banking and finance, and construction are strong sectors which offer lots of employment opportunities. Of course, you can also become your own boss by starting your own business if you are not afraid of dealing with the red tape.

Business Etiquette

Doing business in Singapore is a lot more formal than what you may be used to. Employees follow a strict hierarchy and make sure they don’t cause their business partners to “lose face”. There are rules for proper communication, body language, and even for how to exchange business cards in the right manner. Needless to say, doing business in Singapore comes with a lot of potential pitfalls. But if you remain patient, calm, and polite, you will be successful during meetings and business negotiations and eventually seal the deal.

Working Conditions

On the upside, you might benefit from competitive salaries and excellent working conditions in Singapore. Everything is regulated by the Employment Act, including salary, overtime, and much more. Weekly work time is capped at 44 hours. Most businesses are open Monday through Friday, and a few hours on Saturdays. Because of the strict laws concerning all aspects of work life, Singapore offers a comparatively fair work environment.

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