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Healthcare in Stockholm

Is a life in Stockholm something you have dreamed of for a long time? Expats living in Sweden’s capital often feel right at home, and this is not only due to the high quality of life. The InterNations guide on living in Stockholm provides you with advice on education, accommodation, and healthcare.
Stockholm's healthcare system will leave you relaxed with nothing to worry about.

Stockholm’s healthcare system is largely decentralized and publicly funded. The city of Stockholm is constantly trying to ensure access to comprehensive medical services for every resident. The quality of these services is indeed very high, which is also reflected in the high life expectancy of the Swedes.

When it comes to healthcare, the central government, the various county councils and the municipality of Stockholm share the responsibility. The city of Stockholm has gained more freedom in this respect through the Health and Medical Service Act (Hälso- och sjukvårdslagen, HSL).

Healthcare Providers

If you are in need of medical care while living in Stockholm, you can turn to one of the many health centers in the city. They offer all kinds of health services by different medical specialists or general practitioners. As a patient you are, of course, free to choose the doctor or medical center that you feel most comfortable with.

As you are not limited to a certain doctor’s practice or specific hospital, you are free to get treatment anywhere you want in the city of Stockholm. This also applies to private hospitals and practices. Many of them offer specialized treatment in addition to basic medical care.

Hospitals in Stockholm

All in all, there are about 14 hospitals and countless doctors’ practices in the greater Stockholm area. As we have mentioned above, it is your choice which one you attend for your regular check-ups or necessary treatments. However, Allianz World Wide Care suggests nine hospitals in particular:

St. Erik’s is a specialized clinic in the field of eye surgery and treatment. The quality of care offered in these hospitals is very high. However, it is important for you to feel comfortable at your hospital of choice. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends and co-workers for advice before seeing a doctor.

Fees for Medical Treatment

The country of Sweden is divided into four different healthcare regions. Stockholm belongs to the Gotland region. For hospital stays, you usually have to pay 80 SEK in fees per day. Fees for primary care amount to between 100 and 200 SEK while specialist care will cost you up to 350 SEK.

The good news is that individual medical costs are capped at an annual limit of between 900 and 1,100 SEK. Once you have paid a total of between 900 and 1,100 SEK for your medical treatments during one year, all health consultations in the upcoming 12 months will be free of charge. You should, however, make sure to consult your health insurance provider beforehand as this rule may not always apply. There is a similar cap for prescription medication.



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