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Stockholm: Getting there and around

Stockholm is the dream of many expats who can’t choose between urban buzz and rural serenity. Located on 14 islands, it has a lot to offer to urbanites and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Read the InterNations guide on moving to Stockholm for advice on districts, visa requirements and transportation.
Taking Tram 7 to Djurgården is an excellent way to explore Stockholm.

Stockholm is in fact a public transportation hub. It has both an excellent underground system as well as great connections to other destinations within Sweden and Europe. Once you have moved to Stockholm, getting around is actually quite simple. The transportation system prides itself on being efficient, safe and comprehensive.

Public Transportation in Stockholm

While Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) operates trams, buses, commuter trains and ferries, Stockholm’s underground is probably the most convenient way to get around. The city of Stockholm is divided into three zones. With a zone ticket you can take several trips within 75–120 minutes.

You can purchase your ticket at vending machines, SL centers and even via text message. But keep in mind that it is not possible to buy your ticket directly on the bus and train by paying in cash. You should, however, be able to find ticket machines that allow you to pay cash at various bus stops.

If you want to explore the city of Stockholm via public transport, take a trip with bus 69 or tram 7. They offer you the best of Stockholm, taking you to Djurgården and major attractions such as Skansen and the Vasa Museum. The subway stations also exhibit various art pieces, acting as the world’s longest art gallery.

Variable Prices: Traveling by Taxi

You are free to choose from one of the many different taxi companies in Stockholm. Keep in mind, however, that approved taxis with metered fares have yellow license plates. It is probably smart to choose one of these to make sure you are not overcharged.

How much you actually have to pay depends very much on the time of day as there are different fares for day and night travels. However, it should not cost you more than between 290 and 390 SEK to travel about 10km (approximately 15 minutes). As a rule of thumb, large taxis are usually more expensive. Trips to and from Arlanda airport often come at a fixed price of between 459 and 500 SEK. You should try to find out about this beforehand.

Exploring Sweden and Beyond

Once you have moved to Stockholm, you should use the opportunity to explore the rest of Sweden and to visit neighboring European countries. The city’s Arlanda airport is located 45km north of the city center. It offers connections to plenty of destinations all over Europe.

If you’d rather keep your feet firmly on the ground, you can, of course, choose to travel by bus, train or car. There are different bus companies which offer long-distance trips around Sweden and to neighboring Scandinavian countries. Big companies are Swebus Express, which has 150 locations, and Ybuss.

As an alternative, you can also choose to travel by train from Stockholm’s Central Station. National and long-distance trains are run by Sveriges Järväg and Tágkompaniet. Trains in Sweden are very efficient and will take you across the whole country, so hop on a train and explore! But if you don’t want to forgo the convenience of travelling by car, this is possible as well. The E4 motorway passes directly through Stockholm on its way from Helsingborg to Haparanda. The E20 motorway runs from Stockholm to Göteborg, and the E18, which passes the city in the North, will take you all the way to Oslo.



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