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Doing Business in Stockholm

Working in Stockholm might be just the thing to kick-start your international career. After all, Stockholm is Sweden's life-science and green technologies hub. Our guide to Stockholm's business world provides you with lots of expat info on important sectors, work permits and the job search.
Doing business in Stockholm is usually relaxed and informal.

Written Offer of Employment

For a successful visa application you will need a written offer of employment. Your future employer in Stockholm has to supply you with this official document which is obligatory for a successful work visa application. A written offer of employment should include details on your salary, on the duration of your work contract and your position within the company.

Not without Problems: The Job Search in Stockholm

EURES is a job database run by the EU Public Employment Service and a great source for your job search. You can search by job, keyword or country and region. This allows you to browse this European database specifically for job offers in the greater Stockholm region.

You can also refer to Sweden’s labor shortage list to find out if there is a need for your profession. This list is updated and published twice a year, and predicts the future labor needs of the country. Your chances of finding work in Stockholm increase if your profession is on the list. It also allows you to apply for your work and residence permit from within the country.

Keep in mind, however, that the labor market in Stockholm might be quite competitive, as is often the case in vibrant metropolises. In addition, some sectors are well-staffed and see an influx of highly qualified applicants each year. Try to work on your proficiency in Swedish before moving to Stockholm and gain additional professional experience if necessary. To learn more about the job search, take a look at our article on Working in Sweden.

Relaxed yet Very Productive: Swedish Business Culture

Once you have scored your dream job in Stockholm and are ready to start your career abroad, you need to learn about Sweden’s business culture. How do Swedes interact with each other in a business context? And what is the dress code?

All in all, Stockholm’s business environment is much like the Stockholmers themselves: informal and casual. This also applies to the dress code of Stockholm’s business world. While the business world is rather relaxed, however, wearing a fancy suit and a tie at meetings can’t hurt. By the same token, shaking hands is considered the usual greeting and business cards are often exchanged.

While Stockholm’s business world is comparatively laid-back, its labor force is incredibly productive. A healthy balance between your professional activities and your private life is considered important and the same applies to team work and individual responsibility. If you show your business partners respect, you will gain respect in return. Thus, being modest and punctual is essential.



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