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Facts & Figures

  • A growing team of currently 136 members
  • Representing 48 nationalities
  • Speaking 40 different languages
  • A central Munich office location

Team members from 48 different countries

The InterNations Guiding Principles are practical guidelines that represent our core values and shape our interactions with each other and our members. They are reflected in our attitude towards work and our communication.

Embrace differences (Diversity)

Differences not only make life interesting, they are the keys to keeping a team or community dynamic. The ability to think critically and produce the best results is fueled not least of all by a variety of perspectives, opinions, and experiences.

Listen and say what you mean (Open Communication)

The best indication of mutual respect is that we are able to communicate with each other effectively. First: speak openly and honestly, express yourself respectfully, and mean what you say. Don’t talk behind someone’s back; address him or her directly. Second, always have an open ear. Listen intently to the feedback, needs, and concerns of others. Third, respond to and acknowledge those communicating with you. Show that you are listening by giving everyone the benefit of an answer.

Nobody stands alone (Helpfulness)

Being part of a team or community means being willing to help others. Lend a hand. Be forthcoming. Build your own community by taking the time to support others.

The ball’s in your court (Responsibility)

Take ownership and get involved. Interact with those around you and be responsible for not just yourself, but for those around you, as well. Reach out and find passion by getting involved. Any community is what you make of it.

Move forward, keep learning (Personal Development)

Pursue personal growth and development not only for your job, but for life. Be your own role model: inspire others around you by making yourself the colleague /employee/ sponsor/ friend/ etc. that you want to be. Prompt others to pursue the same goal.

Be data-informed (Fact-orientation)

Instinct is good; instinct supported by data and evidence is better. Avoid rigid doctrine and ideology. Determine verifiable outputs and make decisions based on that information.

Go the extra mile and recognize when others do (Performance and Recognition)

First: Be motivated. Want more than the status quo and strive to achieve the best. Set high standards and live up to them. Second: Motivate. Recognize a job well done. Reward achievement.

Leave your comfort zone (Entrepreneurship)

Be an entrepreneur: take on new initiatives while at the same time thinking strategically about how to best achieve your goals. Be daring, creative, and pragmatic. Take intelligent risks by optimizing resources: even if not everything is possible, don’t be afraid to do everything that is possible.