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Jobs and Business in the UAE

Those who are hoping to work in the UAE will be happy to hear that this is easier here than in many other countries: a continuously diversifying economy as well as a high demand for labor ensure that expats are welcome, while free trade zones ease the way into starting your own business in the UAE.

Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to be well prepared before making the move abroad. This is not only vital when it comes to the administrative side of things, such as business types and licenses, but also in regard to more interpersonal matters. For example, you may already be aware that you should avoid using your left hand when passing something on, as the left is considered unclean in Islam. However, did you also know that showing somebody the sole of your foot is regarded as extremely rude in the UAE? No? Then better read up on Emirati business etiquette to make sure you avoid any such potential blunders!

Finding the Right Job — And Landing It!

There are various ways to go about the job hunt in the UAE, from job listings in newspapers and on the web to company websites and social media channels. What is more, there are a number of recruitment agencies operating in the UAE as well — with no costs for you as the “found” employee when it comes to local agencies, since your future employer has to cover the commission. However, all the open job positions in the world will not help you if employers feel like you don’t fit what they are looking for! So make sure you adjust your CV to Emirati standards and keep the aforementioned business etiquette in mind. Once you’ve gotten that job, you can expect your typical working week to run from Sunday to Thursday, with a maximum of 48 working hours per week set down in the UAE’s labor laws.

Starting a Business in the UAE

You would rather be your own boss? Starting a business typically always involves a lot of red tape; when planning to do so abroad, the tangle is bound to be even greater. So make sure you are as prepared as you can get by learning about the legal framework. When it comes to foreign-owned businesses in the UAE, you should take particular note of available legal forms for your business, any required business licenses, as well as the local free zones. Of the latter, there are quite a few in the UAE and, thanks to less strict rules on foreign ownership and a number of other benefits, these zones can make opening a business in the Emirates quite attractive.

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