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Jobs and Business in the USA

Plenty of visa applications for expats moving to the US depend on finding an employer to sponsor you. Therefore, if you aren’t part of an intra-company transfer to the US, you’ll have to land a job offer first. Our guide to jobs and business provides a helpful overview of employment and self-employment in the USA.

First of all, you need to know what the employment prospects in your field of work are like. For this purpose, we describe various resources for the US job market. Our guide covers obtaining professional qualifications and licenses, looking into employment trends for specific careers or locations, tips on job hunting, as well as strategies for business networking – even from abroad. The respective article should be an ideal starting point for your own research.

How to Apply for Jobs in the USA

Once you have found a few job vacancies that you would like to apply for, you need to know how to write the perfect resume. After all, you have to convince a prospective employer that you are just the right person for this job! In our guide, you can find useful pointers on writing applications to US companies. When you receive your first invitation to a job interview, it’s high time to brush up your US business etiquette. Thus, you won’t throw away your job opportunities by promptly committing an intercultural blunder. Last but not least, you should read up on working conditions in the USA. For instance, you should be aware of the average salary for similar positions, or check which kinds of benefits popular employers frequently offer (e.g. healthcare or flextime). There are few federal labor laws to regulate aspects like standard working hours or annual leave. However, anti-discrimination legislation is supposed to make sure that everyone enjoys equal opportunities in the employment market. This even applies to questions you may (or mustn’t!) be asked during your interview.

How to Open Your Own Business

Are you interested in becoming your own boss, rather than working for someone else? Then have a look at our guide on starting a business in the United States. While visa options for entrepreneurs are unfortunately limited, long-term expats in particular may take the plunge and switch to self-employment. We provide advice on finding information, support, and mentoring for self-employed people and small business owners. What is more, we explain important administrative issues: they include, for example, choosing a legal structure for your company, obtaining a permit for your new business, and getting a loan or grant to fund your venture. So, best of luck with your fledgling company! If you succeed, you will have made your personal “American Dream” come true.

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